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About Us

Join us for the 1st Annual Mobile Burlesque Festival March 22 - 24th 2019. Be sure to follow us on our social media pages to keep up with the latest updates.

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Friday March 22nd 2019  

Saturday March 23rd 2019

Sunday March 24th 2019



10:00 am

In this class, accomplished emcee Lola van Ella will help anyone interested in creating a stage persona and improving their stage presence for any kind of spoken stage performance, including the intimidating emcee role. Lola will guide students through a number of theater exercises, demonstrations and show and tell to help improve confidence, and empower students to be "off the cuff", charming, and quick-witted on the microphone. The class will work together to build characters, come up with stage intros and outros, and work to build the tools to be better and more present stage characters.

Please bring a pen and notebook to class.

Hosting Fundamentals with Lola Van Ella 


11:00 am

Anyone can achieve freestyling, in fact you already do it every day! When it comes to dancing, The key is confidence in your movement and trusting that you are fabulous. We will practice relying on what you have in your movement arsenal and letting the music, people, and surrounding vibes inspire you at any given moment. We will also play with timing, space and energy to create an even more over the top, dynamic performance. This class is designed for all levels of dance experience focusing on Cabaret/Burlesque inspired movements and will consist of a warm up, movement drills & exercises, choreographic elements, freestyle period and cool down.


Be prepared with:

  • note book

  • dance heels

  • knee pads

  • water

  • optional-video camera (you may want to record your movement ideas and use them for choreography later on.)

The Art Of Freestyle with RedBone


12:00 pm

Learn how to make a Big Impression by making the most of your movement with Roxie Le Rouge! Seamless transitions, flattering body positions, Burlesque basics and floor work will all be covered. "Learning Choreography is lovely, learning how to dance is forever." Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement. 

Milking It! with Roxie Le Rouge


1:00 pm

Want to learn how to pick songs that set you up for success on stage and be sure you hit all those punches in your choreography? 

Lou Lou will teach you how to strengthen your use of rhythm, tempo, phrasing, and even mood so that your acts will have that extra wow factor. 

This workshop also covers working with live bands, another crucial skill in the touring show pony’s deck. Learn the lingo of how to communicate your desires to the band leaders and ensure best performance results. 

Burlesque Musicality with Lou Lou La Duchesse De Rière


2:00 pm

Manage yourself to the top! 


You want to turn up confident and prepared at every gig? 

MisSa teaches you everything you need to know behind the scenes: From the secret of being an enchanting backstage buddy over how to prep and conduct your tech & light rehearsal ending with do's and don'ts during showtime. In the second part of the workshop MisSa gives deeper insights about building an appealing online presence and what Instagram can do for you. This workshop includes also a warm-up get-together and a physical stage confidence exercise that will help you on and off stage! 

Burlesque Business with MisSa Blue


3:00 pm

Fashion a fabulous “Topper” for your dream Showgirl-show-stopper with a limited budget and things a true magpie can find around about town without a paid costumer or working sewing machine! Musette will walk you through her personal construction of her current headdresses during this class showcasing innovation due to limitation using shape and texture to create a piece that impacts the audience more than your pocketbook. Let your inner “show-bo” shine with a bit of wire, hot glue, and the unexpected.


What to bring:

  • notepad + pencil/pen

  • notes on current concepts you hope to execute

  • any sketches/online reference printouts or photo galleries on your phone/social media.


Musette is a visual artist and can sketch for any ideas you may have in some one on one time after addressing the whole class. You will be able to hold, examine and take pictures of Musette's current pieces she performs with.

Headdress For Less with Musette


2:00 pm

Bring your makeup kit, a mirror, and a notepad because we are going to get you looking like royalty! From a bare face to stage-ready, we will cover perfect makeup application, trends, glitter tricks, and how to harness the glamour of the starlets!

Stage Makeup with Vita DeVoid


3:30 pm

Are you ready to seduce? Identify your character and learn to captivate audiences near and far! This lecture-based workshop focuses on connecting with your character, discovering your sensuality, and owning your power! Be prepared for movement and exploring sensuality in unconventional ways, as well as possible group activities. 

Suffer: The Art of Stage Seduction with Nox Falls